SmartSIM Features

  1. smartSIM is built to run on PC (A MAC version is not yet available).
  2. Stock data is end of day data downloaded from free data sources – there no additional charge for data.
  3. Option prices are calculated using a standard option pricing methods i.e. Binomial Trees formula and adjusted to cater for the implied volatility smile.
  4. Option exercise and expiry is automatically handled by the exchange modules.
  5. Downloaded data is stored locally for fast access.
  6. Trading instruments include Stocks (including Indices), Equity Options and CFD and any combination of these.
  7. Exchanges that come standard are NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, LSE, HSEX and ASX.
  8. Preprogrammed strategies include… Renting Shares (Covered Calls), Renting Shares with Protection (Deep ITM Covered Calls), Selling Insurance (Naked Puts), Credit Spreads and Debit Spreads.
  9. Supported chart indicators include SMA, EMA, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Slow Stochastic, Full Stochastic and RSI.
  10. Time Travel is supported up to 10 years in history. Time Travel can be manual (1 day per click) or automatic (1 day per second).
  11. An unlimited number of trading accounts can be used and trades are saved locally allowing later review.
  12. Brokerage rates for each exchange are selectable.