SmartSIM Stock Market Simulator

Investing Confidence Before Risking Real Money

Our flagship Stock Market Simulator is designed specifically for testing and practicing the Income Strategies we suggest all Investors need to know.

With Buy-and-Hold Strategies, you’ll see paper profits rise and fall.

With Trading Strategies, you’ll be consumed by charts all day.

But with Income Strategies, you set the trade knowing the possible outcomes and you let it run – from a week to a couple of months. And pocket handsome profits along the way.

What Exactly is Incoming Investing you ask?

Income Investing is where you use strategies that regularly generate cash income. There’s no waiting around wondering, you set the trade and let it run.

To do this we use strategies that professional investors and hedge funds use to protect and grow their portfolios. Strategies like the Covered Calls (aka Renting Shares) or Spread Strategies. These strategies are simply to do, once you know how.

And to learn how we recommend smartSIM… it’s an advanced Stock Market Simulator designed specifically for learning and practicing Income Strategies.

Read all you like about how to ride a bike… but do you really know how to ride a bike until you’ve actually done it? No. And it’s the same in investing. You need a place to practice, that’s safe. A place that you can see how the strategy work – a place to test “what-if” scenarios and to get confidence before risking real money.

Introducing smartSIM

All-In-One Stock Market Simulator

smartSIM is specifically designed for people interested in “Income Strategies”, like Renting Shares. It unlocks the secrets of creating cash from the stock market. With old-school thinking like ‘Buy & Hold‘ now being exposed for being high-risk, income strategies like ‘Buy & Rent‘ is now where the smart money is.

Build knowledge and confidence – unlocking the secrets of strategies like Renting Shares

Learn the lingo and fine tune your trading without risking Real Money

Harden your skills by testing ‘what-if’ scenarios that further build your confidence

Get into the money faster by leveraging the accelerated learning power of smartSIM

The only Trading Simulator designed from the ground-up for “Income Strategies”

A new financial systems demands new ways of thinking. Uncover the Secrets & Power of Income Strategies with smartSIM.

Most people are taught old-school ways of investing in the stock market. But old-school ways like buying and holding don’t work anymore. The savings of hundreds of thousands of people are at the whim of the market – to be wiped away in the blink of an eye.

Income Strategies, like Renting Shares, considers the market very differently. Income Strategies aim to extract cash regularly from the market, creating income and certainty for investors.

These strategies are simple to do and can deliver much higher returns with lower risk than traditional strategies.

smartSIM comes preloaded with several of the popular income strategies including Renting Shares, Selling Insurance, Protected Buys, Credit Spreads and more. Strategies that stuff cash in your pocket every month.

Learn in Safety: smartSIM lets you learn, practice and fine tune your investing in complete safety. Taking financial matters into your own hands is a must-do these days. And you can put the odds in your favor by using smartSIM.

Confidence Breeds Success: This is true in any walk of life, but especially true when it comes to money. Having knowledge and confidence is key, and you can get both with smartSIM.

This is true in any walk of life, but especially true when it comes to money. Having knowledge and confidence is key, and you can get both with smartSIM.

Simple Yet Powerful: smartSIM is a simple yet powerful software system that runs on your PC (Mac version not yet available). It includes integrated Exchange Modules (NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, ASX, HSEX and LSE).

It automatically downloads real, historical stock prices from free data sources. And it automatically performs all the necessary financial calculations for Stocks, CFDs and Options (including option pricing), all behind the scenes.  This gives you a real-to-life experience.

smartSIM is a must-have for anyone wanting to learn or practice strategies that combine Stocks, CFDs and Options – such as income strategies like Credit Spreads.

See What Others Say About smartSIM

“This is one of the most valuable tools I have found on the Internet. It has accelerated my stock market education ten fold. Up until now I’ve been paper trading using a spreadsheet program, however I was doing it at real time, so it was taking me months to gain any real experience. Now I am able to follow a trade from go to woe all in the space of about 15-20 minutes.

I can do a dozen complete trades in an afternoon! This fantastic program has accelerated my learning exponentially and has given me more confidence in the market. Thanks!” Bradford from NSW

“Your program is absolutely excellent. I’ve had a lot of fun with it! I don’t know if you remember me but we met at the Seminar the other night. It was good that you came all the way to talk to us.” Brian from QLD

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smartSIM Simulator SoftwareMonthly Subscription for smartSIM Stock Market Simulator Software (PC Version – Does NOT run on MAC). Includes minor updates and email support.

Software is downloadable and runs on your PC.

No lock-in contracts – subscription can be cancelled at any time. No pro-rated refund for partial months.

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