What Is Income Investing

Income Investing looks at the stock market in a different way. A way that generates regular reliable cash flow. This style of investing has been used by investment companies and banks for decades, yet most people have never heard of it.

The problem with traditional buy and sell strategies is that it is virtually impossible to pick the highs and lows. And what usually ends up happening is that people hold on to their stocks and watch their paper profits come and go as stock prices rise and fall.

Income Investing is totally different and as you’ll soon discover, it’s lower risk and provides regular cash that you can actually use (or invest), not paper profits that can be wipe away in a flash.

With Income Investing we use stock market strategies that investment companies have used for decades, but that most everyday people have never heard of. These strategies don’t involve day trading or options trading or anything like that, they are proven reliable strategies that protect our capital and provide a consistent revenue stream.

They do require us to be a bit more involved in our investing – we have no choice here – we either take control of our financial future, or we do the same as everyone else. Actually most people find it quite fun once they’ve learned how it works.

The first and simplest income investing strategy is to invest for dividends, but we can increase our returns much more by also using income strategies, like Renting Shares.

Renting Shares is similar to to Renting out our House. When we rent our house, we let someone else use it in return for rent.  And we can a similar thing in the stock market. But because you can get into the stock market with so much less capital than a house, Renting Shares is actually within reach for many more people.

Renting Shares is also called Selling Covered Calls. You can learn more about this strategy, and other Income Strategies, on this blog.

This blog is all about creating income from the stock market. The financial world is different now – we have to extract cash from the market throughout the stock market price cycle. Otherwise we fall into the trap of having our paper profit vanish overnight.