Income Investing – Making Stocks Work Harder

Most are taught that a job is the only safe way to make a living. This is a recipe to financial disaster.

It starts way back in our school years – we’re told to study hard, get a good job, work hard, get a mortgage, consume lots, live on debt etc etc. It’s all aimed at keeping us controlled, keeping us indebted and working for the enrichment of those at the top – the very small number of families who really control the world.

And the evidence is compelling – if you just take a step back and look at what’s going on with fresh eyes.

  • Why is the gap between rich and poor widening every single year.
  • Why is that people who’ve worked hard all their lives can end up on the street with no job, no home, no hope.
  • Why is that the banks and big companies who caused the GFC are now bigger and more powerful than they were back then.
  • Why is it that the cost of living keeps going up and wages losing ground.
  • Why is it that the age of retirement keeps going up.
  • And why is it that most people are living right on the edge of poverty – on average people have enough savings to survive for just 3 week if they lose their job.

What’s worse is that we’re told that this is as good as it gets. That this is the only way. Well I can tell you that it’s not the only way – we’re only told this so that companies and governments can control us and keep us working for their own gains.

Please excuse my ranting – it just gets me so angry when I see so many talented people spending 10 hrs a day in an office being brain-washed into thinking they’re doing a good and proper thing – good a proper for the company perhaps, but the worst possible thing for you.

And if you think your job is safe, we’ll read the news, search the web. The world has changed – you need to take financial matters into your own hands.

So I challenge you to seriously think about the two key questions…

1. How long could you survive without your job

2. What would you do with your life if money was no obstacle. With this one, don’t think about the first year of leaving work (most people will say they’ll go on a long holiday). But you can only holiday for so long – you have to do something real with your life. So this question is asking what would you do with your life after the holiday, if money was no obstacle.

I encourage you to look around for ways to make a living without selling your time i.e. a job. There are hundreds of way you can do this – residual income, passive income, income investing etc.

In this blog we talk about Income Investing. The process of using the stock market in a completely different way – a way that create regular monthly income.

If you haven’t already done so make sure you get a copy of our Income Investing Cheat Sheets – these are a snap shot on Income Investing on the stock market. And as you’ll discover, it’s not rocket science.